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Want to delve deeper into our hyperspectral snapshot imaging technology? Check out our resources below.

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Our Technology: The future of Spectral Imaging

We believe that the further development of hyperspectral imaging has only just begun, and will accelerate with new technical improvements such as Cubert has introduced with the FireflEYE and ULTRIS platforms. With modern snapshot hyperspectral imagers or video spectrometers we are about to repeat the development that has already taken place in regular industrial imaging, where line scan technology has a marginal market share compared to snapshot industrial imaging. The future of hyperspectral imaging is video spectroscopy.

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Stay Up-to-Date with the latest developments! We’ve created a blog section that showcases all of our latest developments, including news, applications, new products, new software developments, data analysis and everything else around the world of Cubert.

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Interested in further reading? Here you can find a comprehensive collection of scientific papers in which our hyperspectral cameras have been used for research. From agriculture and forestry to environmental science, our cameras have been utilized by researchers across various fields. We are proud to have contributed to the advancement of scientific research and are committed to supporting ongoing innovation in the field of hyperspectral imaging.

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