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Our Products

Our Products

We offer a wide range of cutting-edge solutions to meet your needs. Our off-the-shelf hyperspectral light field cameras are built to the highest standards, providing high-quality imaging that is unmatched in the industry.

Cubert’s own spectral imaging software is designed to provide you with the most accurate data possible, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly.

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What we offer

Meet our Cameras

The ULTRIS X20 takes the lead as a premium scientific-grade camera, offering the highest spectral resolution and comprehensive coverage of the entire VNIR range. For remote sensing from UAVs, the ULTRIS X20 Plus introduces dual-sensor capabilities and pansharpening for advanced applications. The ULTRIS XM represents the next generation with USB3 connectivity and the highest native spatial resolution, while the ULTRIS 5 stands out as the most affordable and versatile entry-level choice, featuring a compact design and swift 75 Hz performance. Lastly, the ULTRIS SWIR 1 pioneers SWIR imaging at an impressive 80 Hz, capturing the range from 980-1650 nm.

A significant feature of the ULTRIS 5, XM, and SWIR 1 models is their compatibility with a C-Mount adapter. This not only facilitates lens interchangeability for various applications but also allows these cameras to be mounted on microscopes and endoscopes. This versatility enhances their utility in a diverse range of fields, from scientific research to medical imaging and beyond.

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Hyperspectral Powerhouse for Highest Standards


The ULTRIS X20 is positioned as a high-end scientific-grade camera, notable for its superior spectral resolution and overall image quality. It covers the full Visible and Near-Infrared (VNIR) spectrum, including ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), and near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths, providing extensive spectral coverage that is crucial for a wide array of applications.

Featuring a resolution of 410×410 pixels in 164 spectral bands, the ULTRIS X20 is adept at producing images with high levels of detail. This capability makes it particularly well-suited for applications where precision and scientific accuracy are of paramount importance.

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Hyperspectral Camera for UAV Aerial Mapping



The ULTRIS X20 Plus represents an advanced version of the X20, featuring a dual-sensor system specifically designed for UAV-based aerial mapping. This model includes a secondary camera dedicated to capturing high-resolution panchromatic images, achieving an overall resolution of 1886 x 1886 pixels. This enhancement ensures the acquisition of detailed imagery.

The addition of panchromatic data is instrumental in the pansharpening process, which serves to refine and augment the spatial resolution of the spectral data, thereby improving image quality. Notably, the ULTRIS X20 Plus maintains a relatively low weight of 630 grams despite the integration of two sensors. This aspect of its design ensures compatibility with a range of drones, including models like the DJI Matrice M300/350 RTK.

In post-processing, the panchromatic data from the ULTRIS X20 Plus plays a critical role in increasing the spatial accuracy of the compiled mosaic, thus enhancing the overall utility of the captured data in aerial mapping applications.


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1 Megapixel & Flexible Filter Options for Hyperspectral Imaging




The ULTRIS XM represents the next generation in hyperspectral imaging, featuring USB3 connectivity for enhanced data transfer capabilities. Coming with the highest-ever native spatial resolution of 1 Megapixel among Cubert hyperspectral snapshot cameras.

Functioning primarily as a VNIR (Visible and Near-Infrared) camera, it spans a spectral range from 400 to 900 nm. The design of the ULTRIS XM emphasizes adaptability; it includes a C-Mount adapter, providing users with the flexibility to choose lenses tailored to their specific requirements or to integrate the camera with other optical systems, such as microscopes.

A unique feature of the ULTRIS XM is the availability of selectable fixed filter configurations at the time of purchase. This allows for customization within a 500 nm range across the broader VNIR spectrum, extending from 385 to 1000 nm, enabling users to tailor the camera’s spectral capabilities to their specific application needs.

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Compact & Swift: Advancing Hyperspectral Imaging



The ULTRIS 5 is designed as a cost-effective and versatile camera, suitable for various entry-level applications. Its compact structure and intuitive interface contribute to straightforward handling and operation. This design aims to provide an efficient and user-friendly experience.

In terms of performance, the camera is capable of achieving a frame rate of up to 75 Hz, which is conducive to effective data collection, particularly in dynamic environments. A key feature of the ULTRIS 5 is its compatibility with a C-Mount adapter, allowing for lens interchangeability. This aspect significantly enhances its adaptability across a broad spectrum of applications.

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Hyperspectral Snapshot SWIR Camera at Video Rates



The ULTRIS SWIR 1 is a groundbreaking hyperspectral snapshot camera operating in the Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) range, utilizing advanced light field technology. It stands out due to its high-speed capabilities, with a frame rate of 80 Hz, making it exceptionally suited for accurately capturing fast-moving scenes.

This camera covers the SWIR spectrum from 980 to 1650 nm, offering specialized spectral data critical for various applications. Its design incorporates flexibility, allowing for lens interchangeability via a C-Mount adapter. This feature significantly broadens the camera’s applicability across a diverse array of fields.

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Software package: CUVIS

Cubert CUVIS enables both control of the camera and processing of the data in real time.


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A new kind of Hyperspectral imaging

By introducing Snapshot Hyperspectral imaging in 2012 Cubert launched a technological revolution which will change the way we perceive spectral imaging in the future.

Video spectral imagers are smaller, faster and more affordable than their traditional push broom line scan spectral imaging counterparts.This enables completely new applications besides the typical industrial sorting applications. Try one of our most advanced imagers now or talk with us about your specific needs.

The future of hyperspectral imaging is video Spectroscopy.