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SWIR Snapshot Pioneer




Hyperspectral Snapshot SWIR Camera at Video Rates

  • High Speed: up to 80 Hz
  • SWIR region 980-1650 nm
  • USB3 connectivity
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  • Wavelength Range

    980 - 1650 nm
  • Number of Bands

  • FWHM

    70 nm @ 950 nm
  • Max Resolution

    200 x 200 pixel
  • Weight

    140 g
  • Dimensions

    30 x 30 x 85 mm
  • Technology

    Light Field
  • Sensor(s)

    1.3 MP
  • Spectral Sampling

    18 nm
  • Total Spectra / Image

    40 000
  • Total Data Points (Data Points / Cube)

    1.52 M
  • Data Depths

    12 Bit
  • Readout

    Global shutter
  • Max Frame Rate

  • Integration Time

    0.1 - 1000 ms
  • Field of View (FOV)

    lens-dependent / C-mount adapter
  • Power Consumption

    8 W
  • Data Link

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SWIR Snapshot Pioneer

The ULTRIS SWIR 1 stands as the pioneering hyperspectral snapshot SWIR camera, leveraging cutting-edge light field technology. Distinguished by its remarkable speed, boasting an 80 Hz frame rate, it proves highly effective in capturing dynamic scenes with precision. Covering the SWIR range from 980 to 1650 nm, this camera provides unique spectral insights essential for a myriad of applications. Notably adaptable, it allows for lens changes through a C-Mount adapter, further enhancing its versatility across a diverse range of applications.

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Hyperspectral Snapshot SWIR Camera at Video Rates

Based on our hyperspectral light field camera technology, the ULTRIS SWIR 1 offers a versatile imaging solution with its broad wavelength range (980-1650 nm) within the Short-Wave Infrared region. The C-Mount compatibility, supported by the integrated Relay Lens Adapter, enables seamless integration of various optics setups.

Notably, the Relay Lens allows users to change lenses at any time. The camera’s high-speed imaging of up to 80 Hz further ensures efficient capture of dynamic scenes. With its compact dimensions (30x30x85 mm), the ULTRIS SWIR 1 is ideal for space-limited applications in laboratories or field.

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Various SWIR Applications

1000-1100 nm: Enables precise moisture content mapping crucial for soil moisture prediction and quality assessment in agriculture.

1100-1300 nm: Enhances plastics quality assessment, aiding in identification and sorting, and contributes to moisture content analysis in food products.

1300-1500 nm: Detects carbon-hydrogen bonds in organic compounds, providing invaluable insights for chemical analysis and molecular composition.

1500-1700 nm: Excels in water content assessment, from rapid evaluation in agricultural goods to detailed analysis in various substances.

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The Snapshot Advantage

Thanks to its snapshot nature, the ULTRIS SWIR 1 offers distinct advantages over push-broom systems. Instantaneous capture accelerates data acquisition for dynamic environments, reducing motion artifacts, and simplifying setup. With no moving parts, the camera exhibits high robustness, simplifying setup, enhancing durability, and providing adaptability for improved overall performance across various applications.

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The snapshot SWIR pioneer in video rates - ULTRIS SWIR 1