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High performance, top value.




The HSI camera to suit all budgets

  • 290 x 275 pixels
  • 450 - 850 nm
  • 51 bands
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Product details


  • Wavelength Range

    450 - 850 nm
  • Number of Bands

  • FWHM

    26 nm @ 532 nm
  • Max Resolution

    290 x 275 pixel
  • Weight

    Standard version: 120 g
    HFR version: 465 g
  • Dimensions

    Standard version: 29 x 29 x 49 mm
    HFR version: 60 x 60 x 99.4 mm
  • Technology

    Light Field
  • Sensor(s)

    5 MP
  • Spectral Sampling

    8 nm
  • Total Spectra / Image

    79 750
  • Total Data Points (Data Points / Cube)

    3 million
  • Data Depths

    12 Bit
  • Readout

    Global shutter
  • Max Frame Rate

    Standard version: 15 Hz
    HFR version: 75 Hz
  • Integration Time

    0.1 - 1000 ms
  • Field of View (FOV)

    15° / lens-dependent (with Relay Lens C-Mount adapter)
  • Power Consumption

    3 W
  • Data Link

    Standard version: GigE
    HFR version: 10 GigE
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The gamechanger

Cubert’s smallest ever hyperspectral imaging camera is also its most affordable, to a price that can easily compete against RGB and multispectral cameras. By downsizing the fundamental light field technology of the ULTRIS 20, we have created a hyperspectral video camera featuring a 5 MP sensor that is just 30x30x50 mm and weighs only 120g.

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No compromise

The ULTRIS 5 is one of the smallest hyperspectral videocamera on the market and is a real workhorse, able to be integrated into a multitude of scenarios. It covers the same spectral range as the first ULTRIS 20, (450-850 nm – VNIR), with a sampling rate of 8 nm, a total of 51 bands, and a frame rate of >15 Hz. The resolution is 290 x 275 pixels, so >25x higher than the resolution of the FireflEYE V185. The ULTRIS 5 makes hyperspectral imaging cost effective where it hasn’t been until now.

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The Relay Lens Adapter

The new Relay Lens Adapter allows the mounting of any C-Mount objective onto both the standard ULTRIS 5 and new HFR version. The adapter allows any lens, including macro optics or fish eye lenses, to instantly be mounted onto the camera. With the Relay Lens, the camera can even be mounted on more complex optical systems, such as microscopes, endoscopes or industrial inspection systems. The Relay Lens is a huge step forward in bringing hyperspectral light field technology to biomedical applications.

ULTRIS 5 C-Mount Optical Adapter

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High speed needed?

The ULTRIS 5 HFR is the 10 GigE version of our standard ULTRIS 5. The camera properties are the same, featuring a resolution of 290 x 275 pixel and 51 spectral bands covering 450-850 nm. Equipped with a 10 Gigabit Ethernet port, the integrated Sony IMX250 sensor can unleash its full potential and can deliver up to 75 Hz while retaining the typical 12 bit depth, which is often needed for hyperspectral applications.

Introducing the new ULTRIS 5 HFR

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Perfect for OEMs

The ULTRIS 5 opens up new markets for HSI thanks to its combination of affordability and performance. It is primarily targeted towards original equipment manufacturers, as we envisage numerous industrial and operational applications ranging from skin cancer detection to triage of recycling.

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Cubert’s powerful HSI software CUVIS takes raw data, reflectance and even radiance and allows hyperspectral videos at up to 15Hz. It allows first analyses on recorded image cubes, as well as directly on the live data stream. Spectral indices, customized plug-ins, and even classification solutions can be directly applied in real-time. The powerful SDK allows for perfect system integration. The processing engine enables you to run live classification and custom mathematical functions either live or on pre-recorded data.

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As with its big brother the X20 the ULTRIS 5’s light field-based technology is highly transferable and can be adapted to specific application requirements. The ULTRIS 5 was clearly targeted towards operational usage in an industrial or production environment. The cost efficient design of the camera makes the ULTRIS 5 most attractive for system integrators, looking for an alternative to classic RGB-based machine vision or who need to design a system high in numbers. The ULTRIS 5 has a low delivery time, high reliability and together with the internally developed software SDK can easily be integrated into any controlling environment.

More on our light field technology

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Application field

Aerial Mapping

Like any other Cubert camera the super-light ULTRIS 5 is of course also suited to be used on a UAS. Its low weight allows for mounting even on very small and cost efficient drones, or combining it with multisensor systems.

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Application field

Food Quality

The Food Industry’s Appetite for Hyperspectral Imaging Grows. Hyperspectral imaging enables contact free analysis of food quality on the processing line. The ULTRIS 5 supports you with the most affordable hyperspectral snapshot device to date.

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Application field

Biomedical Imaging

Biomedical imaging supports physicians in their work with the best available imaging information. With hyperspectral measurement methods, the industry can use another dimension of image analysis to open up new fields of application. The ULTRIS 5 offers the most lightweight and adaptable solution so far. The device can be attached to all conventional microscopes and endoscopes.

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Application field

Scientific Research

Although designed for operational applications, the ULTRIS 5 is an easy-to-use but full-fledged hyperspectral snapshot camera and can also contribute to answering scientific questions.

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Going high speed with the ULTRIS 5 HFR

ULTRIS 5 HFR – we recorded outside with a standard laptop and reprocessed the data into four different visualizations: RGB true color, live spectra of two ROIs, Chlorophyll Absorption Integral (CAI), and CIR colored infrared.

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Available in two different housings

Standard lightweight housing IP40

Weighing less than 130g, the camera is the lightest-ever hyperspectral video camera.

Industrial housing IP66

Even for harsh environments the ULTRIS 5 is fully prepared. The industrial IP66 housing protects the camera from splash water, haze and dust.

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    Fully compatible with perClass Mira

    Recognizing invisible spectral features of goods in a production environment is a strength of the camera. perClass Mira can help in setting up an automated algorithm for the detection of relevant thresholds in the data, which define whether goods pass or fail a quality test.

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    The most affordable hyperspectral video camera – ULTRIS 5