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ULTRIS 5 Relay Lens Adapter

ULTRIS 5 Relay Lens Adapter

ULTRIS 5 Relay Lens Adapter

A C-mount adapter for the ULTRIS 5

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Thanks to its light field-based design the ULTRIS 5 operates without the need of attaching additional lenses. Because of this feature, the device delivers unprecedented science for a hyperspectral snapshot imager.
However, with the ULTRIS 5 Relay Lens adapter, you can now mount any C-Mount objective and start video spectroscopy. The adapter is compatible with objectives ranging from the microscopic, endoscopic to high quality industrial lenses and telescopes.


The ULTRIS 5 is our entry level hyperspectral camera and, due to its small size and high resolution, is used in a wide variety of applications, from medical research to industrial inspection systems. From these application fields we have noted an increasing demand for the flexibility to combine different optics with the hyperspectral camera. Since common optics cannot simply be equipped to a hyperspectral light field camera, a relay lens adapter needed to be developed.

The figure displays the sample measurement of a geometrical target (Pseudo RGB View). The Relay Lens is designed for objectives which support a 2/3 inch sensor; but objectives for bigger sensors will also work fine. Objectives for smaller sensors will work, but will produce some vignetting. 

Technical Specifications

The Relay Lens does not change the basic specifications of the ULTRIS 5 and can even be adapted onto already existing cameras. The adapter was built with the goal of having a very small footprint and a maximum compatibility to any C-mount optics.

The device features a very high sharpness and great light throughput, especially with the variety of optical lenses to which it can be connected (Light throughput e.g.: 16mm F1.8 Lens 50% in comparison to native camera.)

The sharpness of the adapter does not compromise the ULTRIS 5’s resolution. The lens can produce distortions of ~10% in the spectral channels located on the edge of the light field matrix, which may result in localized channel misalignment (Please ask for our available demo data).

We recommend C-mount lenses with a size of 2/3 inch or bigger.

The ULTRIS 5 becomes even more adaptable

The flexibility of the ULTRIS 5 allows it to be adapted into a variety of medical systems with their demanding specifications. The ULTRIS 5 has already been successfully integrated into surgical robots, ophthalmoscopes, endoscopes and microscopes.

Other Applications include:

  • Microscopy
  • Opthalmoscopy
  • Endoscopy
  • Macro Photography
  • Fish Eye lenses
  • Telescopes

For more information on pricing and availability, get in contact with our sales team via

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