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About us

Hi, this is us…

Hi, this is us…

Hi, this is us…

Cubert was founded back in 2012, and is still the only manufacturer of hyperspectral video cameras using snapshot technology for real time solutions.

We’re excited about the enormous potential and untapped markets and applications our technology has and are committed to exploring them together with our customers.

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Our philosophy

We might be the only source for video hyperspectral imaging worldwide, but we think of our customers as the real experts as it’s them who constantly find new applications, new ways to apply our technology, new problems to solve with it.
We merely provide them with the best tools to do so.

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Why we’re special

Although we’re no longer one, we have retained the curiosity and unconventional approach of a start-up. We like to think outside the box, to test the limits of what’s technically possible, not as an end in itself, but rather to generate real-world benefits. 

This results in lean, fast, affordable and easy to use products and solutions that enable technical disruptions in the target markets.

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