Ultris X20

Welcome to the future of hyperspectral camera technology

Ultris X20

Ultris X20

Ultris X20

The world’s first UV-VIS-NIR hyperspectral video camera

  • Nominee for SPIE 2021 Prism Award
  • Gold Medal award winner of Vision Systems Design Innovators 2020
  • Nominee of inspect award 2021

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Product details


  • Wavelength Range

    350 - 1000 nm
  • Number of Bands

  • FWHM

    Constant 10 nm
  • Max Resolution

    410 x 410 pixel
  • Weight

    350 g
  • Dimensions

    60 x 60 x 57 mm
  • Technology

    Light Field
  • Sensor(s)

    20 MP
  • Spectral Sampling

    4 nm
  • Wavelength Error

    < 4 nm
  • Total Spectra / Image

    168 000
  • Total Data Points (Data Points / Cube)

    27 million
  • Data Depths

    12 Bit
  • Readout

    Global shutter
  • Max Frame Rate

    6 Hz
  • Integration Time

    0.1 - 1000 ms
  • Field of View (FOV)

  • Power Consumption

    8 W
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Useful resources


  • Download Datasheet

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With its wavelength range of 350-1000 nm, the ULTRIS X20 continues Cubert’s ground-breaking development of extremely precise, light field-based hyperspectral snapshot cameras.

This range makes it the world’s very first UV-VIS-NIR hyperspectral video imager.

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Small, powerful and fast

This snapshot imaging spectrometer produces rich, 3D data cubes in real-time with no need for scanning (like push-broom technology) or image combination after fast filter shifts.

Our technology provides clean hyperspectral images, right out of the box with a native image resolution of 410×410 spatial pixels with 164 spectral bands.

Each ULTRIS X20 comes with a high standard 95% white reference target, a distance target, and all accessories necessary to immediately start measurements.

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The ULTRIS X20 is Cubert’s premium product ranging from ultraviolet up to near infrared, and covering a wide range of possible applications. Enabling an unprecedented resolution, both spectrally and spatially, and a working speed that is unmatched, the hyperspectral light field basis provides powerful technology that can easily be adapted to customer’s wishes. We encourage our customers to ask for specific solutions, from changes in the band setting to the maximum resolution, the technology can be adapted without much effort. Even changing the wavelength range to the SWIR region is possible now, thanks to new sensor developments on the market.

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Die leistungsstarke Cubert Utils-Software nimmt Rohdaten, Reflexion und sogar Strahlung auf und ermöglicht hyperspektrale Videos mit bis zu 8 Hz. Es ermöglicht erste Analysen an aufgenommenen Bildwürfeln sowie direkt am Live-Datenstrom. Spektralindizes, benutzerdefinierte Plug-Ins und sogar Klassifizierungslösungen können direkt in Echtzeit angewendet werden. Aufgezeichnete Daten können in jedes wissenschaftliche Format wie ENVI, Tiff oder Multi-Tiff exportiert werden. Live-Datenverarbeitung und Kalibrierung machen es zur perfekten Lösung für Laboranwendungen. Der dedizierte Server ermöglicht den autonomen Betrieb während Drohnenflügen, die exportierten Daten lassen sich nahtlos in gängige GIS- und Kartierungssoftware integrieren

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Application field

Aerial Mapping

Cubert’s state-of the art camera is suited to any mobile applications such as UAS-based mapping. The snapshot nature of our cameras allows you to analyze the images within minutes following touchdown, or even in real-time

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Application field

Food Quality

The Food Industry’s Appetite for Hyperspectral Imaging Grows. Hyperspectral imaging enables contact free analysis of food quality on the processing line. The Ultris X20 is our top of the line product for the most complicated analysis tasks.

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Application field

Biomedical Imaging

Biomedical imaging aims to support physicians in their work with the best available imaging information. With hyperspectral measurement methods, the industry can use another dimension of image analysis to open up new fields of application. The technology of the Ultris X20 is used in many groundbreaking projects that form the basis for tomorrow’s biomedical imaging.

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Application field

Scientific Research

Our premium product the ULTRIS X20 is extremely flexible, easy-to-use and time-efficient which is important for scientists, and is used in nature focused sciences through engineering to life sciences.

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Available in three different housings

Standard lightweight housing IP40

Weighing less than 350g, the camera is even lighter than the established FireflEYE 185, making it perfect for deployment on a UAV.

Industrial housing IP65

To meet the requirements of harsh industrial environments. a special rugged, robust housing is available, ensuring optimal protection.

Waterproof housing IP68

Upgrade the ULTRIS X20 to IP68 and use it underwater to a depth of 10m for 10h.

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Fully compatible with perClass Mira

All of our cameras fully support perClass Mira, a user interface for interpretation of hyperspectral images. it allows users to define classification and regression solutions and deploy them in the live applivcations of Cubert cameras. Mira provides automatic machine learning without programming and enables the users to interactively improve their solutions.

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ULTRIS X20 data can be read natively in perClass Mira simplifying the generation of new classification pipelines.
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World's first UV-VIS-NIR hyperspectral video camera – ULTRIS X20