Ultris X20 Plus

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Ultris X20 Plus

Ultris X20 Plus

Ultris X20 Plus

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  • Nominee for SPIE 2021 Prism Award
  • Gold Medal award winner of Vision Systems Design Innovators 2020
  • Nominee of inspect award 2021

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Product details


  • Wavelength Range

    350 - 1000 nm
  • Number of Bands

  • FWHM

    Constant 10 nm
  • Max Resolution

    1880 x 1880 pixel
  • Weight

    630 g
  • Dimensions

    60 x 107 x 95 mm
  • Technology

    Light Field
  • Sensor(s)

    20 MP & 5 MP
  • Spectral Sampling

    4 nm
  • Wavelength Error

    < 4 nm
  • Total Spectra / Image

    168 100 & 3.5 M pansharpened
  • Total Data Points (Data Points / Cube)

    27 million
  • Data Depths

    12 Bit
  • Readout

    Global shutter
  • Max Frame Rate

    6 Hz
  • Integration Time

    0.1 - 1000 ms
  • Field of View (FOV)

  • Power Consumption

    8 W
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  • Download Datasheet

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The X20 is extended with a second camera sensor: panchromatic – just one band, high resolution. We use this data to increase the spatial resolution of the spectral camera to 1880 x 1880 pixel, giving incredibly detailed images.

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Extra sharp

The extra data provided by the second camera on the ULTRIS X20 Plus allows us to use a technique called pansharpening or image fusion – a version of which we have developed inhouse – to enhance the images even further. This enables analysis at the leaf level of vegetation even from a UAV, helping to detect diseases and other issues that require action at an early stage.

Each ULTRIS X20 Plus comes with a high standard 95% white reference target, a distance target, and all accessories necessary to immediately start measurements.

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Flying high

The level of detail provided by the ULTRIS X20 Plus lends itself particularly to mobile mapping, so UAV applications are the primary beneficiaries. However, it is equally able to be used in the field or the lab, where you benefit from an unrivalled resolution without having to forego the spectral resolution of 164 bands.

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The powerful Cubert Utils software takes raw data, reflectance and even radiance and allows hyperspectral videos at up to 8Hz. It allows first analyses on recorded image cubes, as well as directly on the live data stream. Spectral indices such as Hyperspectral NDVI or Chlorophyll Absorption Integral (CAI), customized plug-ins, and even classification solutions can be directly applied in real-time. The dedicated server allows for autonomous operation during drone flights. While retaining a minimal raw data consumption, the exported data, available in ENVI, Tiff or Multitiff, seamlessly integrates with common GIS and mapping software, including pan-sharpening.

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Application field

Aerial Mapping

X20 Plus was designed for aerial mapping, gathering high resolution hyperspectral images. Even though the X20 plus integrates two camera sensors it is still lightweight (less than 690 g), so together with a mini computer and GPS the payload is less than 1.5 kg, making it suitable for a wide range of drones.

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Application field

Scientific Research

X20 Plus can, of course, also be used on the ground, whether in the field or in the lab. The non-scanning snapshot allows you to capture the complete data cube within a few milliseconds. The X20 Plus is the right choice for anyone who needs both high resolution and ease-of-use.

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Fully compatible with perClass Mira

The machine learning-based analysis tool perClass Mira allows you to quickly find classification solutions for your aerial data. Mira's regression tool provides both quantitive and qualitative statements on your areas of interest, such as a vitality map of crops in a field for instance.

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ULTRIS X20 Plus, CIR image
Exported as pansharpened product in ENVI format, read by perClass Mira for classification.
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UV-VIS-NIR Remote Sensing in high resolution – ULTRIS X20 Plus