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Video Spectroscopy will replace Push-broom

Video Spectroscopy will replace Push-broom

Video Spectroscopy will replace Push-broom

A market comparison to snapshot industrial imaging

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Why Video Spectroscopy will replace Push-broom in the long term

In the long term, Video Spectral Imaging will replace the more cumbersome Push-broom spectral imaging in most areas. The market shift will follow the example of the industrial imaging market, where, in the beginning, widespread adoption of line scan digital imaging occurred before the frame-based CCD sensors offered a good enough resolution for a comparably affordable price in the 1990s. Now, the market is clearly dominated by frame-based sensors and the consumer market especially is dominated by frame-based sensors.

Ultimately, Video Spectral Imaging technology will replace Push-broom spectral imaging, just as it has in the area of Digital Imaging. The market share of line scan industrial cameras is dwarfed by industrial snapshot cameras. The digital imaging market is even larger and nearly all consumer applications feature snapshot imaging sensors.

Fig 1: Market share of line scan imaging vs. snapshot imaging

Push-broom Spectral Imaging vs Light Field Spectral Imaging

If your expertise is in the field of Push-broom spectral imaging, you will have a quick start with our cameras. The ease-of-use of video spectral imaging is striking and, in most applications, the speed of video spectroscopy is superior to push-broom scanners. As we are recording hundreds of lines per sensor readout, the Cubert devices thus deliver a comparable speed of >3000 lines per second at full resolution including all bands.

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