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Palm Oil Fruit Ripeness

Palm Oil Fruit Ripeness

Palm Oil Fruit Ripeness

Quality Control of Palm Oil Fruit

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Quality control of fruits and their ripeness

Quality control of agricultural products is a very common application of hyperspectral imaging. In this demonstration we use a FireflEYE S185 with a simple halogene illumination to detect ripeness of palm oil fruit. We compare three different palm oil fruit samples. One in an unripe stadium, one is medium ripe and one is very ripe and ready to harvest.

“Between 1962 and 1982 global exports of palm oil increased from around half a million to 2.4 million tonnes annually and in 2008 world production of palm oil and palm kernel oil amounted to 48 million tonnes. According to FAO forecasts by 2020 the global demand for palm oil will double, and triple by 2050.”-> Wikipedia

Fast adaption to new products

The preparation of the costum-designed filter took only thirty minutes after examining the fruits for the first time.

Hyperspectral imaging is a very useful tool for the determination of the ripeness of agricultural products.

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