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FireflEYE 185

FireflEYE 185

FireflEYE 185

For all scenarios / Combine with other optics / Attach on other optical instruments / most flexible HSI camera / reliable imaging spectrometer / designed for life science

  • most flexible for different optics
  • enables hyperspectral microscopy in real-time
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Product details


  • Wavelength Range

    450 - 950 nm
  • Number of Bands

  • FWHM

    8 nm @ 532 nm
  • Max Resolution

    1000 x 1000 pixel
  • Weight

    490 g
  • Dimensions

    200 x 67 x 60 mm
  • Technology

    Multipoint Spectrometer
  • Sensor(s)

    5 MP & 2 MP
  • Spectral Sampling

    4 nm
  • Wavelength Error

    < 4 nm
  • Total Spectra / Image

    2500 & 1 M pansharpened
  • Total Data Points (Data Points / Cube)

    0.3 million
  • Data Depths

    12 Bit / 14 Bit
  • Readout

    Global shutter
  • Max Frame Rate

    25 Hz
  • Integration Time

    0.1 - 1000 ms
  • Field of View (FOV)

    30°, 20°, 13°, 7°, lens selectable
  • Power Consumption

    7 W
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The chameleon

Since it was launched in 2012, the FireflEYE has consistently been improved upon, with the result that it is now our most versatile camera. At just 500g it can be attached to a microscope, endoscope or any device with a C-mount.

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Accessing hyperspectral microscopy and more

The FireflEYE 185 brings hyperspectral imaging to microscopy, and also enables endoscopy. In life sciences the time saving advantage of the snapshot technology (thanks to no scanning) really makes itself known, as saving time saves patients.

It can also monitor real-time processes, such as samples in petri dishes for example.

The relay lens also allows for a lens change without camera re-calibration. And a close-up lens set allows a macroscopic scale view of a spot size of just a few mm.

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Continuous development

The latest improvements to the FireflEYE include upgrading the main sensor to a modern CMOS sensor, which has resulted in the following benefits:
• The effective sensor size of the V185 is, with 6.9 µm, now slightly larger compared to the 6.45 µm of the former S185 model.
• Each channel now consists of four subpixels, which are read out separately in the newly available 14-bit version of the V185 to obtain the best possible dynamic range.
• Thanks to the modern hardware architecture, a stable frame rate of 25 Hz can now be achieved with the 12-bit version.
• The 14-bit version has 2x higher signal-to-noise-ratio and 4x higher dynamic range compared to the S185 (needing 4 times longer integration times).

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The powerful Cubert Utils software takes raw data, reflectance and even radiance and allows hyperspectral videos at up to 15Hz. It allows first analyses on recorded image cubes, as well as directly on the live data stream. Spectral indices, customized plug-ins, and even classification solutions can be directly applied in real-time. Recorded data can be exported in any scientific format, such as ENVI, Tiff or Multi-Tiff.

Cubert SOFTWARE combines high performance and high flexibility. The powerful SDK allows for perfect system integration. The dedicated server allows for autonomous operation during drone flights, while the exported data seamlessly integrates with common GIS and mapping software, including pan-sharpening.

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Application field

Aerial Mapping

The FireflEYE 185 was the first-ever light-weight hyperspectral snapshot camera used for aerial mapping from a UAS. The user has a choice of lenses, enabling different fields of view for different tasks.

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Application field

Food Quality

The Food Industry’s Appetite for hyperspectral imaging Grows. Hyperspectral imaging enables the contact free analysis of food quality on the processing line. The Firefleye 185 is integrated in a high number of sorting applications and delivers high quality spectral results, where resolution is not the highest priority.

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Application field

Biomedical Imaging

Biomedical imaging supports physicians in their work with the best available imaging information. With hyperspectral measurement methods, the industry can use another dimension of image analysis to open up new fields of application. The Firefleye 185 delivers superior spectral quality, where resolution is not key. With the relay adapter it can be attached to conventional endoscopes and microscopes.

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Application field

Scientific Research

The FireflEYE can be equipped with close-up lenses, allowing a macroscopic scale view with a spot size of only a few mm to cm. Attaching a relay lens to the FireflEYE provides full interchangeability for C-mount lenses. Mount the camera on your microscope or endoscope without the need for additional calibration.

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Lense Options

For the FireflEYE different lenses are possible, ranging from 10 mm focal length up to 50 mm focal length. Attaching a Relay Lens to the FireflEYE provides full interchangeability for C-mount lenses. Mount the camera on your microscope or endoscope without the need for additional calibration. In lab use the FireflEYE can be equipped with Close-Up Lenses, allowing a macroscopic scale view with a spot size of only a few mm to cm.

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Available in three different housings

Standard lightweight housing IP40

Weighing less than 490g, the camera is perfectly suited for mobile applications, such as deployment on a UAV.

Industrial housing IP65

To meet the requirements of harsh industrial environments. a special rugged, robust housing is available, ensuring optimal protection.

Waterproof housing IP68

Upgrade the FireflEYE V185 to IP68 and use it underwater to a depth of 10m for 10h.

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    Fully compatible with perClass Mira

    All of our cameras fully support perClass Mira, a user interface for the interpretation of hyperspectral images. It allows users to define classification and regression solutions and deploy them in the live applications of Cubert cameras. Mira provides automatic machine learning without programming and enables the users to interactively improve their solutions.

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    Our most versatile hyperspectral video camera – FireflEYE V185