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Hyperspectral Snapshot Imaging

Hyperspectral Snapshot Imaging

Hyperspectral Snapshot Imaging

We are the experts in hyperspectral light field cameras and video solutions.

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Hello, this is us...

Founded in 2012, Cubert has been a leader in the development of hyperspectral imaging technology, with a particular focus on snapshot technology that allows for real-time data capture. In contrast to traditional hyperspectral camera systems, like push-broom sensors, our cameras captures the full scene instantly, allowing for live data acquisition in video rates.

We’re excited about the enormous potential and untapped markets and applications our technology has and are committed to exploring them together with our customers. Our innovative approach enables a broad range of applications, from research and development to industrial inspections.

hyperspectral camera manufacturing

compact and light-weighted hyperspectral camera

Our cameras are designed to be lightweight, compact, and exceptionally fast, addressing a wide range of requirements among our clients. Our portfolio inlcudes:

  • Light field-based hyperspectral snapshot cameras for immediate application.
  • A spectral imaging software designed for easy data acquisition and analysis in real-time on the live data stream.
  • A full Software Development Kit (SDK) to meet the needs of system builders seeking customization.
  • Customization services for specific application requirements.
  • Dedicated support for application development and system integration, ensuring our clients maximize the utility of hyperspectral imaging in both research and industrial settings.
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Our technology

Learn more about the technological background of our technology: HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGING, which gathers extensive spectral data for each pixel, extends our visual capacity beyond the conventional spectrum. Our distinctive advantage lies in the hyperspectral SNAPSHOT systems that capture scenes in a single moment, eliminating the slow, sequential capture associated with older technologies. By incorporating LIGHT FIELD TECHNOLOGY, we record the intensity and direction of light, enabling sophisticated post-capture adjustments such as refocusing.

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